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Il Caffè Manaresi: il caffè espresso a Firenze dal 1898 - express coffee in Florence since 1898

"A tradition that continues..."

In Florence, in via de' Lamberti, next to the church of Orsanmichele, "once upon a time..." there was a coffee shop filled with antique brass, mirrors and precious woodwork and a delicious aroma.

The aroma and flavour of a unique and unrivalled coffee which every Florentine remembers in his heart and palate.

That coffee was: Manaresi coffee.

Today the Manaresi coffee mix continues that same tradition, since 1898, with the same meticulous detail in choosing the highest qualities of the world's best coffees, with the same devoted care in roasting which is done now as it was in the past, a lime at a time, the old way, under the strict control of human experience that no machine will ever be able to duplicate.

The only concessions to modern life are: packages which conserve the product very well and a dynamic and efficient production and commercial organization.

Il Caffè Manaresi s.a.s. · S.S. 2 Cassia, 40 · Loc. Calzaiolo - 50026 S. Casciano VdP (Florence) - Italy · P.IVA 03795230484 · Tel. +39 055 8249022 · credits