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Touba Coffee: coffee with long pepper (piper longum officinarum)

Touba Coffee: coffee with long pepper (piper longum officinarum)

Ingredients: coffee, long pepper (piper longum officinarum)
Net weight: 250 gr.

Touba Coffee

A unique blend of coffee beans and long pepper (piper longum officinarum) toasted, grounded and combined together, Touba Coffee has been prepared and served in Africa as a ritual and medicinal beverage since the 13th century.

The encounter between the coffee's energetic traits and the natural properties of the long pepper make this beverage useful in ayurvedic medicine.

Piper longum officinarum: Medicinal properties and uses

Popular mainly in the Mediterranean region, in Africa, India and Indonesia, the long pepper (piper longum officinarum) is considered the predecessor of the more common black pepper (piper negrum) with an even stronger and spicier flavor.

The plant's roots and fruits have a bitter aroma and a decisive flavor.

Because of the presence of alkaloid compounds, the long pepper has therapeutic properties and is used in ayurvedic medicine in curing many illnesses. It is considered a restorative and depurative agent in general but especially for the liver and stomach, and is used also as a stimulant for circulation and as an aphrodisiac.