The authentic Italian espresso since 1898 in Florence

Since 1898 Il Caffè Manaresi is one of the original authors of Italian espresso as we know it today. The name Manaresi is in fact linked to the famous Caffè de 'Ritti, the first bar in Florence to serve coffee standing up and not exclusively at the table as was customary. Coffee so called espresso. A fashion that has become an Italian habit today appreciated all over the world.

Our history is extraordinary, as is the coffee we continue to produce. Thanks to over 120 years of experience, we are able to reconcile a still craftsmanship with industrial production capabilities without ever sacrificing quality.

We produce in a single location where we have a constant and direct control over all stages of production, from the selection of green coffee to packaging.

Our coffee blends are the result of a wisdom that only time and daily experience can offer.

Our production site is located in an enchanted place among the most beautiful Tuscan hills, right in the heart of Tuscany on the ancient Roman road, the Via Cassia, now also known as the "wine road".

We are coffee lovers.
We produce Italian espresso coffee.

The company Il Caffè Manaresi

Our espresso coffee

First of all, we show you our espresso as we do it to test every single roast.
We can show you the pictures but we cannot convey the scent and aroma to you.
Coffee for Manaresi is a passion.

The stages of production, from the coffee bean to packaging

We now show you some moments of our production in our unique production site. Without special effects, with the buzz of the roaster and the sighs of the vacuum packaging machine, because we want to show you the authenticity of our company with true images.