The stages of roasting

Selection, blending, roasting, grinding and packing of our coffee

We present some videos shot by hand and without "special effects" of our daily work. True images of how authentically Italian coffee is produced. Manaresi espresso coffee.

Our espresso

Before starting to show you the stages of our production, the most important thing, our espresso coffee as we do it to test every single roast.
We can show you the pictures but we cannot convey the scent and aroma to you. Coffee for Manaresi is a passion.

Interview by Assicoop Toscana Unipol Group with our roaster Leonardo

Thanks to Assicoop Toscana - UnipolSai Assicurazioni for the interest shown in our business, the kind visit and the attention dedicated to the realization of this video presentation of our work.

Caffè Manaresi is a company that still produces with that ingredient which is passion.
In this interview by Assicoop Toscana, the words of Leonardo, our roaster, on the images of the selection, roasting and packaging of our coffee.

The coffee bean, the best quality of Arabica and Robusta varieties

Coffee roasting

Coffee beans packing

ground coffee vacuum-packing